General Conditions

This is a translation from Dutch to the English language. In case of a dispute the Dutch language prevails.

!!!The minimum age for ordering products at Hanwei Europe Shop is eighteen (18) years!!!

Any sword supplied by Hanwei Europe Shop has solely decorative and sporting purposes.  The swords supplied by Hanwei Europe Shop  may never be used for unethical purposes. It’s prohibited by Dutch law to carry a sword in public area’s, without appropriate packaging.


Hanwei Europe Shop  is not directly involved in the transportation of products supplied by Hanwei Europe Shop . All of Hanwei Europe Shop products are sent with the insured package of If in any case a product has gone missing, if the product suffers any damage and/or a product is subject to depreciation during its transportation then any liability shall be limited to the benefit that is paid in that case under the applicable insurance contract.

The insurance on transportation covers up to € 500,-. Hanwei Europe Shop  strongly recommends you to pick up any products personally when the product’s value exceeds € 500,-. Hanwei Europe Shop  will demonstrably do its best to solve any damage or otherwise suffered by the customer. The customer will cooperate in an inquiry by to the nature of the complaints. If there are any changes in the conditions of the insurance of than Hanwei Europe Shop  will automatically perform these changes as well.

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