Hanwei Europe Shop is a specialist in Japanese martial arts equipment and has a wide range for the collector and serious martial arts practitioner.

Hanwei has a high quality wide and deep range of Japanese, European and Chinese weapons. The Japanese collection includes Japanese katanas, Wakizashi's, Tanto's, Iaito's and related products like maintenance sets, standards and armour.  The Japanese Sword are made up of several lines such as the Practical, Hand Forged, Hand Forged & Folded,  Tamahagane, Raptor and Iaito series.

The very detailed Chinese lines consist of the Jian swords, Sabers, Dynasty swords, Dao’s and Tai Chi Jian swords and the highly functional Jian swords. For the lover of European swords, there is also large range of sharp to blunt pracical European swords and historical replicas of the Viking period up to the late Renaissance.

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